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Rose Gold Flower and Leaf Hair Comb for Weddings- Azalea

Rose Gold Flower and Leaf Hair Comb for Weddings- Azalea

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 Hair Comb for Weddings in Rose Gold Flower and Leaf Petals

This is a pretty bunch of rose gold flowers and leaves put together as a pretty rose gold hair comb for your wedding day look. The perfectly sized bridal hair piece is neither too big or small and can be used as back or side hair come with many of your wedding day hairstyles for brides.

This rose gold hair comb is made in a combination of small and slightly large flowers with rose gold leaves that are wire wrapped onto the comb. They are flexible and can be easily bent to adjust and suit your style.

This rose gold bridal hair comb is an easy flow with your plain or floral-patterned wedding dresses. The bridal hair comb can be purchased in three tones of rose gold, silver, gold tones to suit and match your style.

Measurement:- Length 5 1/ 8 of an inch or 13 cms and height 2 ¾ of an inch or 7 cms Approx

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