Frequently Asked Question

How do I view register as Stockist prices and order?

To view wholesale prices and start ordering, please fill out the form and details required on the Contact Us page or email this information to Please provide your website URL if available. Once your information is received and assessed we will provide you with a login and password that will enable you to view prices and start purchasing.

Information required:

About your business
Company name
Phone number
ABN (if applicable)
Website URL (if applicable)

  • How can I order?

Once you are registered with Adorn A Bride as a stockist, the process is simple; login any time and place your order.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, we do not have any minimum order quantity requirements. You can choose to purchase any product or quantity.

  • Can I get samples to assess the quality?

As we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, once you are approved as a stockist you can purchase the product as a sample.

  • What colour/finish/metal tones do you offer?

Most of the designs are available in silver, gold and rose gold tones. Where pearls are involved, we offer both cream and white colours.

  • What type of packaging is available?

The jewellery is sent in two types of packaging. The jewellery is packed on logo free jewellery cards (Jewellery cards are free of cost). We also offer boxes at an additional cost of USD1.35 (Small and medium boxes) or USD 1.95 (Large Box) per box. To buy boxes with the jewellery please visit this link…

Please note boxes are available only with the jewellery not on its own.

  • Can I sell under my brand name?

Yes, you can sell under your brand name. You can use our plain packaging box or repackage them in your own box and brand.

  • Can I use images from your website?

No, we do not allow you to use any image from our website.

  • Are there any restrictions on where I can sell?

You can purchase and sell only if you are a registered Adorn A Bride Stockist. It is important to note the products can only be sold instore, on your website or your social media pages. Product cannot be sold on any third-party website or marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

  • Can you customize the order?

We can accommodate for some minor changes where possible, however, please contact use before committing to your customer. It is important to note that we will not accept any return or exchange one any customizations are made.

  • Who do I contact for any customer service requirements?

We are always available; you can email us at or call us on +61433310286

  • What is your return and exchange policy and process?

Please see our return and exchange process and policy here.

  • What are your average processing and shipping times?

Our average processing time is 4 to 7 business days. This may vary based on the time of the year and the order. Shipping time location dependent. Express is the faster option with 1-5 business days.