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  • Blue Teardrop Crystal earrings- Poetry Designs
  • Blue crystal earrings Gold for Wedding, Prom, Events- Poetry Designs
  • Sapphire Blue crystal drop earrings for Prom and Weddings- Poetry Designs
  • Dark Blue Pearl and Crystal Earrings- Poetry Designs
  • Blue Crystal Earrings Silver- Poetry Designs
  • Sapphire Blue Crystal Earrings For Brides, and Bridesmaids- Poetry Designs
  • Rose gold Blue Bridal Earrings- Poetry Designs
  • Blur Drop Earrings In Rose gold and Pearl- Poetry Designs
  • Blue Drop Pearl Earrings in Rose gold for Weddings, Formals and Prom- Poetry Designs
  • Plear Color of Cream or White with Sapphire Blue Earrings- Poetry Designs
  • Blue Crystal Earrings are Packed in a Beautiful Poetry Designs Packaging
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Adorn A Bride

Blue Crystal Earrings Gold-Aoi

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Gold & Blue Crystal Drop Earrings for Wedding, Prom, Events

Beautifully designed blue crystal earrings in gold are elegant to wear for weddings, brides, prom, and special occasions.

The sapphire blue and gold crystal earrings are crafted blue cubic zirconia and edged with 14k gold plating and pearls. You can also choose cream or white pearl drops with the earring to further suit your needs.

These earrings with sapphire blue crystals, pearls,14K gold color are easily matched with many blue outfit or styling, that calls for blue jewelry. These dark blue crystal & gold earrings combination adds a rich look and they are comfortable to use after the wedding by brides and bridesmaids, These blue drop earrings can be used by girls, and women for prom, events, or simply with any outfit for a glowing look.

Measurement:-The earrings measure approx. 1 6/8 inches or 4.5 cms and 1/2 inch wide.

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